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The needs of children and adults with disabilities requires special planning. Many times the family of such individual with Special Needs are called upon to not only manage such person’s financial needs, but also to be their caregiver. While many times such disabilities arise unexpectedly, there is the possibility to implement “pre-need” planning for those individuals for whom the disability is foreseeable.

The qualification for government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (commonly referred to as SSI) and Medicaid are usually a vital role in Special Needs Planning. We assist in the preparation of Pooled Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts (also known as Special Needs Trusts) and provide ongoing support for trustees. We also assist our elderly clients in the “pre-planning” process.



We specialize in the area of special needs trusts and prepare first party, and third party special needs trusts. Many times such trusts are the integral or ancillary part of a complete elder law plan.

Elder Law is a special practice area that caters to the needs of older clients and people with disabilities. It frequently involves advice and counsel related to:

  • Medicaid, managed care, and payment for health care needs;
  • Social Security and retirement income planning;
  • Disability planning; long-term care and nursing home care planning;
  • Housing options, such as assisted-living and residential homes for the aged and disabled;
  • Financial and health care decision-making through the use of durable powers of attorney and advance directives;
  • End-of-life decision-making through the use of living wills;
  • Probate and estates;
  • Special Needs Trusts, and Pooled trusts;
  • Revocable living trusts and wills;
  • Incapacity questions and guardianship;
  • Remedies for exploitation or abuse of older clients or people with disabilities.


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